RESTful Web Services with Node.js and Express
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01.What Is REST/001.Introduction.mp4 1.40 MB
01.What Is REST/002.What Is REST.mp4 4.01 MB
01.What Is REST/003.Uniform Interface.mp4 3.99 MB
01.What Is REST/004.Setting up Our Environment.mp4 15.42 MB
01.What Is REST/005.Getting Gulp Set Up.mp4 17.58 MB
01.What Is REST/006.Summary.mp4 1.12 MB
02.Getting Data/007.Introduction.mp4 1.01 MB
02.Getting Data/008.Implementing HTTP Get.mp4 11.49 MB
02.Getting Data/009.Wiring up to MongoDB and Mongoose.mp4 28.26 MB
02.Getting Data/010.Filtering with the Query String.mp4 9.58 MB
02.Getting Data/011.Getting a Single Item.mp4 7.21 MB
02.Getting Data/012.Summary.mp4 1.04 MB
03.Posting Data/013.Introduction.mp4 1.36 MB
03.Posting Data/014.Using Body-parser.mp4 14.61 MB
03.Posting Data/015.Testing with Postman.mp4 8.61 MB
03.Posting Data/016.Saving Data.mp4 8.77 MB
03.Posting Data/017.Code Cleanup.mp4 9.82 MB
03.Posting Data/018.Injecting Our Model.mp4 11.30 MB
03.Posting Data/019.Summary.mp4 943.02 KB
04.Updating Data/020.Introduction.mp4 1.11 MB
04.Updating Data/021.Implementing Put.mp4 8.61 MB
04.Updating Data/022.Testing Put.mp4 7.72 MB
04.Updating Data/023.Middleware.mp4 18.50 MB
04.Updating Data/024.Implementing Patch.mp4 14.62 MB
04.Updating Data/025.Testing Patch.mp4 4.14 MB
04.Updating Data/026.Implementing Remove.mp4 7.80 MB
04.Updating Data/027.Summary.mp4 1.64 MB
05.Testing/028.Introduction.mp4 2.00 MB
05.Testing/029.Controllers.mp4 11.60 MB
05.Testing/030.Postman and Bugs.mp4 2.45 MB
05.Testing/031.Unit Tests with Mocha.mp4 33.04 MB
05.Testing/032.Gulp-mocha.mp4 13.92 MB
05.Testing/033.Integration Tests with Supertest.mp4 41.36 MB
05.Testing/034.Summary.mp4 0.96 MB
06.HATEOAS/035.Introduction.mp4 1.22 MB
06.HATEOAS/036.The Problem Around Navigating APIs.mp4 4.49 MB
06.HATEOAS/037.Adding Hypermedia to Our API.mp4 31.06 MB
06.HATEOAS/038.Summary.mp4 1.98 MB 20.30 MB
RESTful Web Services with Node.js and Express.pdf 20.06 MB
RESTful Web Services with Node.js and 687.27 MB
RESTful Web Services with Node.js and Express.pdf 11.07 MB
RESTful Web Services with Node.js and Express.pdf 19.15 MB
RESTful Web Services with Node.js and 687.27 MB
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